ContiTrack Slick review test

In the September issue of Performance Bikes Magazine, test rider John McAvoy teamed up with Chris ‘Stalker’ Walker to put a number of the latest slick tyres to the test including the ContiTrack Slick which was launched in 2016.

The successor to the original ContiRaceAttack Slick, our latest race and track day option offers high levels of grip on track and has already notched up countless wins at various clubs around the UK including BEMSEE and Thundersport.

Performance Bikes used Kawasaki’s excellent ZX-10R  complete with datalogger for the test, with John putting in ten laps followed immediately by Chris putting in a further ten laps.

All the tyres were allocated a letter and then blind tested to ensure there was no bias, and John and Chris scored each lettered set and made notes straight after each test without knowing the identity of the tyre in question.

As you’d imagine, Chris is very much accustomed to riding on slick tyres, whereas John has only used them a handful of times.

Here’s some of what they had to say after testing our medium compound tyre:

  • Stability

“Very good under power over bumps. They dig in and keep driving, even while moving about. Only marked down due to a couple of moments over the kerbs into turn three – 9/10″ - McAvoy.

  • Turn-In

“Slow to turn in initially, but vey good grip. Compound felt the softest of the test. But the rear started to float at turn-in at the end of the run – 8/10″ – Walker.

  • Mid-Corner

“Superb front mid-turn. The feeling was once you got the front in, you could push it very hard, and it held a line well – 9/10″ – Walker.

  • Exit Grip

“I could spin them up from lap seven, but they still drove really hard. Probably harder than a road tyre that isn’t spinning. The way they communicate means it’s no biggie – 8/10″ – McAvoy.

  • Feel

“Felt great. Loads of feedback from each end. Really suited to the bike. I like the overall confidence they gave me to really take the piss on entry and exit – 10/10″ – McAvoy

Despite being the lowest priced tyre on the test, McAvoy was able to set his fastest lap of the day on the ContiTrack Slick with a 1:19.72s around Rockingham – around 5 seconds faster than on the treaded original equipment tyres which were fitted to the Kawasaki. Chris Walker set his third fastest lap of the day on the Continental with a 1:14.09s, which was quicker than both the Dunlop GP Racer D212 Slick and Michelin Power Slick Evo.

Having spent some time working with racers around the UK, we recommend that riders set their pressures to 31psi front and 26psi rear hot off their tyre warmers, then to check and re-adjust back to those pressures after their first session to get optimum performance from their Continental race tyres.

To read the test in full pick up a copy of Performance Bikes!

Find out more about the available ContiTrack Slick sizes and compound options here.