Continental ContiTour review

This year we’re bringing two new tyres to the cruiser and custom motorcycle market, the ContiTour and also the ContiLegend whitewall.

Both were launched earlier this year in alongside the new ContiRoadAttack 3 in Mallorca, and we invited a whole host of top journalists including MCN’s Bruce Dunn to the Spanish island in order to test them.

The main focus for the new ContiTour was to significantly increase wet weather grip, along with tyre stability under braking and acceleration.

Our test riders have put thousands of miles on these tyres during their development both in Europe and the US, with the super-heavy Harley-Davidson Road Glide Ultra the development bike of choice and providing the ultimate test in terms of sidewall integrity and stability.

A new MileagePlus compound also gives extended mileage even on the largest of cruiser machines, whilst also ensuring a more consistent level of performance throughout the life of the tyre.

ContiTour Harley-Davidson tyresIn their 7th June edition, here’s what MCN had to say about the launch:

“MCN rode a Harley Road King fitted with the new ContiTour around Mallorca. At high speed the big bike was perfectly stable with a reassuring feel. Riding through some of the stunning, sinuous roads was effortless, as the tyres allowed the bike to gently roll from one side to another with linear effort at the Harley’s bars.

There were a few damp patches on our test route where normally we would have expected some movement of loss of feel, but the new tyres gave zero cause for concern.

Continental really have moved things on with the ContiTour; it will potentially transform the feel and enhance the ride quality of your bike. And give an increase of safety margin in wet and cold conditions.”

The majority of sizes are expected to arrive in the UK shortly.

Find out more about the ContiTour here.