independent sports tyre test 2016

The brand new ContiSportAttack 3, the official tyre of California Superbike School UK, has topped a recent independent test of seven leading hypersport tyres, conducted by top German motorcycle magazine Fastbike.

The German’s have an industry leading reputation for conducting very thorough tyre tests, and this latest release saw the experienced Fastbike team analyse both dry and wet performance in detail on the latest BMW S1000RR – exactly the kind of high performance bike the new ContiSportAttack 3 is aimed at.

The new Continental beat the renowned Metzeler M7RR into 2nd place overall, also outscoring the likes of the new Pirelli Diablo Rosso III, Michelin Pilot Power 3 and Dunlop SportSmart II along with the latest sporty products from Avon and Bridgestone.

When it comes down to individual characteristics of the tyre, the new ContiSportAttack 3 received top honours for cornering stability, handling accuracy, steering neutrality, grip from cold and overall dry grip amongst others.

Around the handling course it set the fastest lap of any tyre in the dry, and the second fastest in the wet.

Significantly boosting levels of wet grip over the previous ContiSportAttack 2 was one of the key design briefs for Continental engineers as they started to develop the new tyre, so these results, including coming second in the outright wet grip portion of the test, is testament to their hard work and latest innovations.

The new tread pattern along with our unique Rain Grip compound delivers optimum levels of performance on damp and wet roads, meaning that the weather will never stop you enjoying the ride!

Summing up, testers commented that on track the tyre seemed very much at home, comments echoed by Michael Neeves in a recent MCN test. They went on to say that the ContiSportAttack 3’s “grip level is extremely high, it is easy to handle, stable and extremely accurate.”

So if you want the best hypersport tyre on your bike in 2016, it has to be the ContiSportAttack 3.

You can view the full range of sizes here.