Continental SportAttack 3 review

The team at Performance Bikes have recently been testing a crop of the very latest hypersport tyres, including our flagship ContiSportAttack 3.

Their two-part test saw John McAvoy and road racer Ben Rea aboard the latest Suzuki GSX-R1000R, putting a range of sporty tyres through their paces on both road and track.

In their July 2018 issue, the magazine published the roads portion of the test, with some great feedback for the ContiSportAttack 3 from both riders.

Here’s just some of their comments:

  • Stability“Tyre felt stable over high and low-speed bumps. A little less stable when at the edge of the tyre over the bumps.” – Ben Rea.
  • Turn-In - “Really nice; consistent, quick, stable and precise. I like the front tyre a lot.” – John McAvoy.
  • Mid-Corner“Excellent. Holds its line really well. Keeps communicating throughout. Just goes a little vague at the first touch of the throttle.” – John McAvoy.
  • Exit Grip – “Really needed provoking a lot to get it to spin, but the rear would eventually. Breaks away smoothly with no surprises. Tons of rear grip.” – John McAvoy.
  • Feel“Although a few negative comments, the feel from the tyres is there in all areas and feedback is good, letting me know what the tyres are doing.” – Ben Rea.
  • Comments“Agile and felt like they have quite a stiff carcass which supported the bike really well.” – John McAvoy.

For the full test, pick up the latest issue of Performance Bikes out now.

Find out more about the ContiSportAttack 3 here.