ContiSportAttack 3 BMW S1000RR test

After getting on well with our ContiSportAttack 3 earlier this year in their big sports tyre test, Performance Bikes’ John McAvoy was keen to find out more.

This year John has been packing the miles in on several bikes, including the superb BMW S1000RR.

So far PB’s rapid road tester has covered 1,500 miles on this set of ContiSportAttack 3 tyres, and in their December issue he had this to say:

“These tyres did really well in our tyre test this year, so I was keen to try them out on my BMW S1000RR.

The front in particular pepped up the steering a little bit. Not so much that it became nervous, or unstable, just enough to make my S1000RR feel agile and easier to chuck around.

The rear was just beginning to show signs of wear in the middle at about 1200 miles, including some sustained, very high speed ‘bahn-storming.

best bmw s1000rr tyre

On the road, I was getting 54 degrees of lean, with luggage, in complete confidence. I had all the grip I could wish for on the road, and only the mildest feathering at the edges.

The heatwave of 2018 means I never got to try them in the wet, but overall, they are a superb set of tyres with excellent handling characteristics, plenty of grip for the road, and decent durability.”

The latest ContiSportAttack 3 uses several core Continental technologies, including our unique MultiGrip, which creates a dual-compound style tyre from a single piece of rubber. The carefully controlled curing process creates a tyre which offers more progressive handling, as it gets gradually softer as you lean the bike over. Grip Limit Feedback Technology also ensures excellent feedback through the bars when riding at the edge, so you can get the most out of your bike in complete confidence.

Several of our Thundersport riders also now use the ContiSportAttack 3 as an intermediate option on damp circuits, which gives an indication as to the levels of wet weather performance it offers.

Pick up the latest issue of Performance Bikes to hear more from John and the rest of the team.

Find out more about the ContiSportAttack 3 here.