Continental SportAttack 3 review

Following the recent US launch of new ContiSportAttack 3, the journalists in attendance have been telling the world what they thought of our latest hypersport tyres after giving them a thrashing around two tracks at our Uvalde proving ground. With a range of 600 & 1000cc sportsbike to choose from including the Triumph Daytona 675 and the new Suzuki GSX-R1000, there was plenty of power for the tyres to deal with at our Texas circuit.

Handmade in Germany the new ContiSportAttack 3 promises big improvements in both wet grip and mileage, whilst maintaining the same light and sporty handling that made it’s predecessor such a hit with riders.

By now you’ve probably already seen all the information on the technologies that go into the tyre, including our new Grip Limit Feedback – but if not, you can read about that here.

Here’s a round up of what the press have been saying since the launch (click on the links to read in full):

“When it comes down to brass tacks, people don’t want to see ad copy or hear presentations. They want to hear from other riders who have traveled down a road, who can provide experienced opinions on a given product. Continental understands this, so instead of sending out scads of ad copy and marketing materials, they invited riders from around the industry, many of whom have racing backgrounds to come and push their tyres as hard as they wanted – no strings attached, no bills in case they broke anything. “Destroy ‘em” was our only instruction. Not a single bike saw damage that day. All of us did our level-best to push as hard as possible, and find a failing with the tyres. We all came away universally impressed. We were given a variety of bikes from varying levels of performance on which we could unleash our inner hooligan, and not a single bike proved too much to handle for these tires. If there’s a single most-important metric by which you should decide whether a tyre is worth trying, it’s this:

I’m buying myself a set immediately.”

ContiSportAttack 3 test

“If you’re a rider who demands a communicative-feeling shoe than you’re going to be pleased with these third-generation Sport Attack’s. At lean, the Conti’s offer above average feedback through the controls allowing you to keep tabs on what the bike is doing, while also making for a enjoyable, grin-inducing experience. Even with the extra muscle of a liter-bike, the European rubber held its own without a hint of tyre spin. Though to be fair, both tracks were pristine and virtually devoid of so much as a bump or ripple… Guess it’s good to be a Continental test rider!

Either track had a mix of slow and fast corners, with camber, and elevation. There were also a few decreasing radius turns which demonstrated how the front hoop responds during moderate loads during brake force, lean angle, and steering inputs. Here especially it performed well, feeling both planted and communicative.

Conversely, when the road opened up, the back tyre bit into the tarmac properly with just the right amount of flex. Steering effort wasn’t excessive and both tyres have a neutral feel with no stepping sensation from center to shoulder, as you lean into turns.”

“Five racetrack sessions aren’t enough to measure real-world mileage, but Conti promises that street mileage will improve markedly over the outgoing Sport Attack 2. On the racetrack these tyres held up quite well with the rear tyres showed little significant wear, although the front tyres suffered some tearing from extreme cornering loads. I would expect the user to get several track days out of a set with plenty of life left to destroy favorite twisty roads over several weekends.”

Our latest hypersport tyre is ideal for fast road riding and more than capable of the occasional track day, and is being used by California Superbike School UK in 2016 across their Ducati fleet. The ContiSportAttack 3 is now available in the UK is all sizes bar 190/50 ZR17, which is expected to arrive from Germany shortly.

You can view the full range of sizes here.