ContiRoadAttack sport touring tyreThe original, groundbreaking ContiRoadAttack sport touring tyre

  • Puts 12% more rubber on the road than any competitors tyre due to Dynamic Footprint Technology.
  • Takes sport-touring bike cornering performance & safety to a higher level.
  • Sticky compound and deep tread grooves gives supersports performance and sport-touring tread life.
  • A serious all year round tyre choice.
  • Optimised multiple curvature design (MCD) gives light, responsive steering and handling.


This tyre has now been discontinued.

For alternatives please see the ContiMotion or ContiRoadAttack 2.


Nick Sanders – after his Parallel World 50,000 km solo global trip on his Yamaha R1 in 2008 :

“The Road Attacks were not just good, they were incredible. I have circumnavigated the world 7 times, more than anyone else, and in my experience I have never come across such a tyre. I used 3 sets of tyres to ride 33 000 miles and a final set to get home from the USA.

Each set covered 11 500 miles. Admittedly, in certain areas such as Bolivia and the various deserts I crossed in the Sudan and Northern Kenya I rode them beyond their legal limit, but this amount of mileage is unheard of in sports tyres on a sports bike. In the past I have managed to achieve 8000 miles on the equivalent 190 tyre but the Road Attacks made these pale by comparison. But, mileage is not the only story. The big story was how they faired on the terrain. There is no doubt in my mind that this Parallel World journey crossed most of the worst roads and tracks that exist for a non-dual purpose bike. The Nubian crossed was soft but sandy and the tyre tread swept the loam and dirt with impunity. It was hard, but just possible. The Didi Gugalu Desert in Northern Kenya was a track with wall-splitting rocks embedded in the surface on what is one of the hardest roads I have come across. I worked hard not to hit these rocks but when inevitably I did, the rubber coped incredibly well.

There were times when if I had ridden on the roads I did with tyres I didnt trust, I would not be here to tell the tale. I go for sponsors whose products I believe in and I have to have the best.”