ContiRoadAttack 3 UK availability

This weekend saw the official launch of the all-new ContiRoadAttack 3 in sunny Mallorca, along with our two latest offerings for custom and cruiser machines, the ContiTour and ContiLegend.

For the event we sent UK Brand Manager Graham to the Mediterranean island, accompanied by journalists from some of the UK’s biggest motorcycle publications, to sample these new tyres on huge range of bikes around the Ballearic island’s famous twisties and big, sweeping bends.

Two of the biggest changes made to the latest tyre from the popular RoadAttack line are the introduction of a totally redesigned tread pattern and our latest Easy Handling technology.

The new tread pattern, based on the proven design used in our latest ContiSportAttack 3, has been modified to suit a sport touring style tyre, and in conjunction with our latest Rain Grip compound it offers a huge increase in wet grip over the ContiRoadAttack 2 EVO at all angles of lean.

As for Easy Handling Technology this ensures neutral, linear handling properties across a wide range of situations – and the stunning bends of Mallorca proved the ideal place to put this to the test.

With a huge range of bikes to choose from, Graham first opted for BMW’s R nineT, before moving onto the R1200 GS and S1000 XR – with the tyres offering excellent performance across the different types of machine along the 220 kilometre route. Even the polished cobbled streets of quaint island villages, and the stretches of poorer quality tarmac, did little to phase the new rubber despite everyone’s best efforts to find it’s limits.

The only downside to a weekend in Mallorca is a lack of rain, which meant that participants didn’t get the opportunity to test the much improved wet weather performance on all three tyres. Luckily we’ve got that covered as the first stocks of the ContiRoadAttack 3 have arrived in the UK today in key sizes, with sets ready to be sent to various publications for some serious testing on home soil so they can also assess the improvements in durability over a longer period.

Now available to buy, you can view the full range of ContiRoadAttack 3 sizes here.

Find out more about the ContiTour and ContiLegend – due to arrive in the UK shortly.