ContiRoadAttack 3 review BMW R1200GS

If your adventure bike never strays from the tarmac, there is every chance that you would benefit from fitting one of the very latest crop of sports touring tyres to your bike.

With the huge increase in popularity of adventure motorcycles like BMW’s class leading R1200GS, there is now a wider range of tyre options for these types of bike than ever before, all geared towards different kinds of riding.

Our latest ContiRoadAttack 3 sport touring hoop has been optimised in key ADV bike sizes sizes to offer amazing on-road performance for middle and heavyweight models, making it an ideal option for all-weather road touring both in the UK and abroad.

Very recently, the BMW Motorcycle Owners of America tested a pair on their R1200GS, and contributor Ray Tubbs has published his review in their May 2018 magazine.

Ray says:

“Commuting on the tyre offered a compliant ride with no undue harshness over expansion joints or road imperfections. The front provides excellent feedback, but unlike a true sportsbike tyre that transmits every road imperfection, the sidewall of the RoadAttack 3 absorbed most of the flaws of the road. I’ll chalk this benefit up to the Easy Handling which was very much appreciated when riding on our aging expressways. Additionally, I found breaking at speed to be extremely stable, exhibiting no squirm while providing excellent grip during the quick transitions from braking to steering to acceleration required by the random interstate Olympics I participated in, which in my case, was an Ottoman rolling across the roadway.

ContiRoadAttack 3 adventure bike review

The Southeastern United States has experience a reasonably wet winter. Either that or I just picked a lot of rainy days to ride. Whatever the case, I had ample time to check out the wet weather characteristics of the RoadAttack 3. Riding both secondary roads and interstate highways, I found the tyre’s sipe design to do precisely what Continental had intended: to shed water quickly and efficiently while offering a consistent grip over concrete, asphalt and the transition surfaces found on overpasses. The RoadAttack 3 impressed me on my spirited rides over wet secondary roads, as the tyres never lost traction or caused me concern even though I tend to be very hard on the front end of any motorcycle. The RoadAttack 3s held firm even when braking to the point of ABS actuation and Continental’s magic brew of silica, sipes and carbon black struck me as being spot-on.

The sharp-eyed amongst you have likely noticed by now that the tyre sizes I utilised were for the heavy-weight enduro class, and in my case, a BMW R1200GS Adventure. Long a leader in the sales race, large enduros get the attention of every tyre manufacturer as a sport-touring option. While it may be heresy to some to not have dual-sport tyres on an enduro bike, after 3,800 miles I believe the Continental RoadAttack 3 is a fantastic choice for those of us that rarely venture off the street.”

You can find out more about our full range of tyres for adventure bikes here.