ContiRaceAttack Comp testIn the 20th May edition of Motorcycle News, Senior Tester Bruce Dunn was at Jerez testing track day hoops from a number of leading manufacturers on a BMW HP4.

After putting in plenty of laps, he gave his opinion on all the tyres he had tested, including the ContiRaceAttack Comp treaded tyre:

“The Contis give good feel straight away. The warm up and scrub-in is predictable and impressive, and after two laps they’re ready to be pushed. The corner onto the back straight is a test of nerve and requires utter confidence in your tyres. Here you’re opening the throttle in fourth gear to a blind apex at 45 degrees of lean. Even here the feel from these tyres is excellent and encourages you to ride with more gusto.

Stability is good under acceleration and during rapid direction changes. But on the flip-side, braking and turning-in require a lot of rider efort. I often find myself running wide because the tyres don’t turn in as fast as I’d expect. But it’s a good tyre and far superior to Conti’s previous product.”

Bruce did not state which compound he was running, but we would assume that it was the endurance version, which falls into the same ‘Racing Street’ category as the other tyres tested, and you can find out more about it here.