ContiRaceAttack Comp endurance reviewIn the July 2015 edition of Performance Bikes, Matt Wildee and John McAvoy have been blind testing a selection of ‘Racing Street’ rubber on the road – in otherwords, tyres ideal for fast road riding and track days all rolled in to one.

With a van full of tyres, and their long term BMW S1000RR on slick mode, with the traction control turned down, they headed to South Lincolnshire to enjoy some of the best riding the area has to offer.

Scoring 89 out of a possible 100, despite being the oldest design of tyre tested, the ContiRaceAttack Comp Endurance came in 4th place overall, but John McAvoy gave it the highest score of any of the tyres  he tested – 48 out of 50, higher than his score for the likes of the new Racetec RR K3 & Supercorsa SP.

In terms of overall score it finished ahead of the likes of the Dunlop D211 GP Racer, Michelin Power Cup EVO and the Bridgestone RS10.

Both John and Matt rated the tyres in several areas including:

  • Stability

McAvoy – “Pretty much perfect. Amazing stability considering how fast they turn. Bumps, power, trail braking, cats eyes, nothing upsets them.”

  • Turn-in

McAvoy - “Super fast but really controllable. Super fast but without ‘falling’ into the corner. Really impressive. Just right.”

  • Mid-corner

Wildee – “Very easy to change lines. Neutral and easy to get a feel for both tyres and like a positive, increasing throttle.”

  • Exit Grip

McAvoy – “Impossible to fault. Slow, mid and fast speed turns and the TC didn’t get bothered once and the bike remained stable and on line.”

  • Feel

McAvoy - “Excellent levels of the right information through the bars. Just enough, not too much. Missed out on a 10 as feedback drops off slightly at full lean.”

Summing up, John said:

“I love this set of tyres. I actually said ‘wow’ out loud in my helmet after the first set of bends. They feel very supple and forgiving. The bike feels like it’s on Supercorsas.”

Available in a range of sizes, and chosen by Bimota as the original equipment tyre on their superb BB3, you can find out more about our ContiRaceAttack Comp Endurance here.

With feedback like this, isn’t it time you tried Continental?