ContiRaceAttack Comp Endurance review

The ContiRaceAttack Comp Endurance is our most aggressive road tyre, ideal for fast road and track day use without the need for tyre warmers.

Just over three months ago, Performance Bikes editor Chris Newbigging fitted a set to his GSX-R1000, and in the December 2017 issue he had this to say:

Suzuki GSX-R1000 road and track tyres“Continental’s most robust-compound track tyre has been ideal on the GSX-R over a summer of track and naughty road use.

Inflated to 36psi at both ends they’re well mannered at slow speed and from cold on the road, with loads of feel, grip and stability.

On track, the GSX-R and its short-geared attitude really work them – you can hear the wheelspin out of first and second-gear corners with traction control set low. That’s the nature of these bikes, though: they ask huge amounts of road tyres.

But they’re consistent – I found the slip point early in the tyres’ life, and they’re still performing much the same now they’re more or less toasted.

Without trying to be big headed, on a bike like the Suzuki I’ll expect only to be passed by the odd race bike in the fast group: if you regularly ride a powerful of track-only bike at that pace, you warrant a set of slicks or soft-compound treads.

For me, these make sense on a road bike doing a mix of road/track, and expecting the tyres to work and last well for both.

With that in mind, I rate them highly, and the fact they’re cheaper than competitors make them a compelling multi-tasking tyre for modern sportsbikes.”

You can view the full range of ContiRaceAttack Comp Endurance sizes here.