ContiTrack Slick test

In the May 2019 issue of Fast Bikes, the team headed to Spain’s Parcmotor Circuit near Barcelona to put six sets of slick race tyres from leading manufacturers to the test, including our latest ContiTrack.

Introduced as the replacement to the ContiRaceAttack Slick in 2017, the ContiTrack Slick last year helped RS Racing’s Ryan Strafford to GP1 Classic glory with Thundersport GB, where he scored countless race wins on the team’s R1.

By his own admission, Fast Bikes editor Bruce Wilson was a little nervous before heading out on the Continental-shod RSV4, as he’d never used them before, but it’s safe to say he quickly discovered what they are capable of with a best lap of 1.48.278!

Writing in the magazine, Bruce says:

“Continental might not be a massive name in contemporary slick tyre production but, having tested the rubber, I now reckon their lack of popularity is more down to pure ignorance than performance. My first session was an education, slowly pushing the product’s potential and learning just what I was dealing with. From the get-go they felt informative, predominantly planted and relatively easy to hustle around. To all intents and purposes, they felt very similar to a Metzeler, being similarly talkative, but a little less agile. That said, they walloped their German counterparts in the driving grip department. I wasn’t expecting the Contis to prove anywhere near as awesome as they did, being a real trooper under hard acceleration with the bike slightly lifted on corner exit.

They just seemed to dig in, grip big and allow you to take the piss royally with the throttle, as the rear tyre squirmed progressively into a predictable slide. The front end also felt mint, never wandering or causing me any issues with confidence, allowing for some pretty tasty lap times, despite a few damp patches out on track.”

Generally, I was blown away by the Continentals, and so were their cynics in the pit lane who likewise didn’t expect that kind of pace from them, or the string of superlatives that came blurting out of my mouth.”

Bruce tested a soft front with a medium 190/60 rear, although for 2019 this has now been replaced b the wider 200-section which recently came into stock, offering even greater stability in the corners due to a larger contact patch at lean.

To read the test in full, pick up the May issue of Fast Bikes and turn to page 46!

Find out more about the ContiTrack Slick here.