Continental Sport Attack 3 review

Our American cousins had to wait a little while to test the new ContiSportAttack 3 on home soil after the official launch late last summer in Austria, but when it came to their turn, a day at our Uvalde proving grounds in Texas certainly didn’t disappoint.

With a number of top supersport machines and the latest superbikes at their disposal, the journalists certainly gave the new SportAttack 3 a thorough workout, relying on our new Grip Limit Feedback technology to tell them when they found the edge.

Among those on the launch was Michael Gilbert of Motorcyclist Magazine, and in their July 2017 edition he has been giving his opinions on our latest hypersport tyre.

The finished product is the culmination of three and a half years of development work, and the result is a big increase in wet grip and durability over the ContiSportAttack 2. However, with the sun shining bright, the riders didn’t get the chance to test the tyre’s wet grip this time around – although it has already impressed in various leading European magazines.

ContiSportAttack 3 reviewMichael says:

“Right off the bat, we were shocked at how quickly the tyres warmed up, with a corresponding increase in grip. After just two laps on Continental’s short-handling test course, we were able to achieve max lean angle without a hiccup – impressive for a street tyre, especially having zero miles only five minutes beforehand.

The more laps we turned, the more the stability of the tyres impressed us. Under heavy braking, the ContiSportAttack 3s presented a rock-solid stability, boosting our confidence to brake later and more aggressively. Coming in another form, the tyres boasted a stable feel on corner entry and especially transitions. We had found that the tyre would roll into its lean with a very linear feel; never would the tyre suddenly fall onto its edge, which can often present a feel of uneasiness. This stability was also apparent while transitioning the motorcycle side to side, giving the same, familiar feel even when there are much larger inputs into the motorcycle.

For being a street-oriented tyre, the outright grip wasn’t too shabby either. Through tighter racetrack corners, we did find that we could begin pushing the front, but we were also able to experience the Grip Limit Feedback Technology. As the tyre would begin to reach its limit, it would provide a smooth, friendly feel through the handlebars letting us know to get off the brakes or stand the motorcycle up before it put us on our heads. However, Continental claims that lowering the air pressure to a recommended track pressure will produce higher grip level.”

If you do plan on using the ContiSportAttack 3 on track, like California Superbike School UK do on all of their Ducati bikes, you’ll find information on pressures here.

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