Classic Bike Radial Tyre

Continental is proud to announce the release of the ContiClassicAttack; a new radial tyre that has been designed to revitalise the handling, stability, grip and safety performance of classic motorcycles.

 The ContiClassicAttack is the only radial tyre in this category and enables riders to eliminate many of the performance compromises of older bias-ply (aka cross-ply or diagonal) tyre designs.

In terms of performance, bias-ply tyres, once state-of-the-art, are easily outpaced by modern radials and the ContiClassicAttack brings together all of Continental’s latest technologies, developed for the acclaimed ContiSportAttack 2 and ContiRoadAttack 2. 0° steel belt construction, Continuous Compound Technology, Black Chili compound and Traction Skin all feature, resulting in a tyre every bit as advanced as the latest radials for superbikes.

ContiClassicAttackThe 0° steel belt design in both the front and rear tyres eliminates the dynamic growth so common in bias-ply designs, vastly improving machine stability at speed thanks to better control of the contact patch. 0° radial construction also offers improved bump absorption, leading to better contact of the tyre with the road and superb ride comfort.

The radial design and new tyre profiles also deliver greater handling control, as well as rider feedback at a level previously unknown to owners of older bikes.

With Continental’s Continuous Compound Technology (CCT) the compound undergoes complex, carefully controlled temperature differences across its width during curing. The single compound then takes on the performance properties of a dual-compound tyre with a stiffer tread centre for increased durability as well as better acceleration and braking traction, and more flexible tread shoulders for increased cornering grip. A big advantage of CCT compared to traditional multi tread designs is that it eliminates the step change sometimes associated with dual-compound tyres when rolling from one compound onto the other, giving the ContiClassicAttack a more continuous transition feel.

Continental’s high structured carbon black “Black Chili” tread compound is utilised, shortening warm-up time, considerably improving wet grip over bias-ply tyres and giving improved dynamic stiffness at higher temperatures for reduced tread block edge roll-over. This leads to better wear properties and improved feel at bigger lean angles.

The ContiClassicAttack’s tread pattern concentrates the majority of the tyre’s grooves in the central zone, exactly where they are needed for efficient water evacuation, leading to safer riding in the rain. The outer shoulders feature reduced tread grooves for maximum surface contact at big lean angles in the dry. This is in line with current superbike radial technology and far in advance of current bias-ply designs.

Continental’s unique Traction Skin safety feature is also used on the ContiClassicAttack. The micro-rough texture of the tread surface optimises mechanical adhesion when the tyre is new and minimises the scrubbing-in process. This is a result of a new mould coating technology that eliminates the need for tyre release agents.

 For classic bike riders looking for a tyre that gives them the ultimate in control and safety there is now the ContiClassicAttack.

All ContiClassicAttack tyres can be fitted with an inner tube when used on tube type wheel rims.

Continental Motorcycle Brand Manager, Graham Matcham said: “Riders of classic machines deserve the same levels of performance and safety as riders of modern bikes. In fact many classic bike owners also have a newer bike in the garage and this leads them to have greater expectations of their tyres. We believe the ContiClassicAttack radial is a major leap forward over traditional bias-ply designs; bringing classic bike tyre technology into the 21st century and breathing new life into classic bikes.”

The new ContiClassicAttack will be available from December 2012.

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