ContiRaceAttack Comp spain review

The Mavericks Freebirds are an all-women’s motorcycle group, fronted by the globetrotting Steph Jeavons and sponsored by Mavericks Motorcycles of Chester.

Set up to provide a fun place for women bikers to meet and share their passion of motorcycling, the group allows them to chat with like-minded women riders on anything from technical issues, to arranging ride-outs, to prepping for a big trip.

A keen trackday rider, Dani Fiddaman was the lady tasked with testing our ContiRaceAttack Comp rubber on track, when she spent three days at Cartagena in Spain.

For the test, Dani used the medium compound front, combined with an endurance compound rear, as recommended by our Brand Manager Graham Matcham, who also advised on pressure settings for her Daytona 675.

After arriving home, Dani got in touch with us to say:

“We had a brilliant 3 days at Cartagena, with dry, sunny and warm (18C) conditions every day.

I spent most of the first day on the Bridgestone R10s that I already had fitted.  They were part worn when I started and, by the afternoon, the rear was definitely ready to be replaced.  Cartagena is quite an abrasive surface, with a lot of fast right handers, so the right hand side of the tyre was very worn.  Both front and rear had worn into a ‘peaked’ sharper profile

Garry at Sparklight fitted the Continental Race Attacks for me in the afternoon and I went out for a session to scrub them in (tyres warmers had been on and pressures set as you advised).  Immediately they felt more ’rounded’.  The bike turned in much better, which is not a surprise really! 

Over the next two days the Race Attacks were very impressive.  The bike felt very stable, less twitchy.  And they were perfect for Cartagena, in particular the Endurance compound rear, which lasted much better than the R10 whilst still giving ample grip (for my average ability – Intermediate group, lap times around 2.05 minutes, on a Daytona 675).  The Medium compound front also gave me full confidence, always felt very planted.  Very happy with your recommendation!

Price wise (if I’d had to buy them!), they are similar to the R10s (and cheaper than the R11s that Bridgestone have recently brought out) but represent much better value for money in terms of longevity than either of those.  

I’d definitely recommend them, and use them again, for European track days, where you have multiple days on track and often in warmer temperatures.  For UK track days, I’d probably want to try a softer compound.”

If you’d like to join the Mavericks Freebirds group, you’ll find them on Facebook.

You can find out more about our race range here.