Roadrunner 3 Norman HydeUnfortunately after a devastating fire in September of 2003 many fantastic pieces of historic motorcycling memorabilia were lost forever.

One of the items which was almost damaged beyond repair was the Roadrunner III sidecar, which has now been painstakingly restored and shown off publicly for the first time at Motorcycle Live this week by its former rider Norman Hyde.

Norman, who joined Triumph in 1964 as an apprentice and was directly involved in the development of the T120, T140, T150 qnd T160 twins and triples set up his own performance parts business for Triumph Twins and Triples in 1975 when the site at Kitts Green was closed, using his redundancy money to fund the project.

As an avid racer he discovered a real skill for drag racing and sprinting, and in 1968 he set a new World Record for a standing start 1/4 mile in his Triumph 350cc sidecar outfit. In 1969 he set another World Record for a standing start kilometre, using a Triumph 500cc twin.

In 1972 he used the Roadrunner III 850cc Triumph Trident machine to set the World Sidecar Land Speed Record, averaging 161.8mph. The record then stood for over 35 years.

Continental were proud to provide the donation of a tyre for the low slung chair, which was often used by Norman’s wife.

It is great to know that at least one small piece of British motorcycling history has been restored to its former glory for future generations.