all-season scooter tyreWe are pleased to announce the arrival of our brand new All-Season scooter tyre into the UK, the ContiMove365.

This innovative new product is designed to deliver outstanding performance in all conditions, meaning you can have one set of tyres all year round without having to worry about compromising on both safety and performance.

The tyre briefly features:

  • Trendsetting Silica compounds for excellent grip in all conditions, whilst reducing warm up times giving consistent performance even on short journeys
  • Low rolling resistance which helps to reduce fuel consumption
  • Pairs of deep sipes provide confidence inspiring grip even on wet and snow covered roads
  • Wide drainage grooves in the tread guarantee optimal water dispersal from around the contact patch, giving even greater levels of wet weather performance

The tyre has also passed stringent testing which means that it can be used during the winter period in Germany, where a winter approved tyre is a legal requirement which proves what an amazing piece of technical engineering the ContiMove365 is. It perfectly balances the needs of scooter riders all-year round, whilst combining sporty and comfortable handling performance.

scooter winter tyreFor more information on available sizes in the ContiMove365 range please see the technical information for this product.

The product is being introduced in three phases, with a total of five sizes currently available:

  • 120/70-10 M/C 54M TL
  • 120/70-12 M/C 58P TL
  • 120/90-10 M/C 57P TL
  • 130/70-12 M/C 62P TL
  • 3.50-10 M/C 59M TL

The remaining sizes in the range will be made available from some time during November, with an exact date yet to be provided.

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