Columbus InternationalBased in Cannes, Columbus International are one of the largest motorcycle rental companies in France.

As an official partner of BMW Motorrad in France, they offer a huge range of bikes for hire and their fleet travels tens of thousands of miles each year.

Offering a high quality service which takes care of everything right down to the finest of details, they also need a high quality tyre to give the kind of performance that their riders expect as they tour the country.

Owner Alex recently got in touch with us to tell us why his company have come to choose Continental, saying:

“Every season, our bikes cover over 20000 km. Over the years, we tried different tyres from different manufacturers and found that Continental tyres (RoadAttack & TrailAttack) offer the best balance between grip and mileage.”

The company also lead guided tours through parts of France and other parts of Europe, giving both the riders and our tyres a real test and the chance to experience a range of experiences from twisty mountain passes in the Pyrenees to blasts through the flat open countryside with an endless horizon opening out in front of you.

As their superb reviews on Trip Advisor, where the company holds the number one spot for activities in Cannes go to show, they have an only the best will do attitude when it comes to all aspects of their business. That’s why they choose Continental.