Best supermoto tyres

Supermotos – never before has there been a type of motorcycle both so impractical and yet so fantastic at the same time!

When riders buy bikes to try and modify for a use for which they were not intended, it rarely goes well, but take a dirt bike, add big brakes and little wheels, and somehow it just feels right in that strange way that things sometimes do.

In the August 2016 edition of Performance Bikes, Chris Newbigging has been pitting Husqvarna’s latest 701 Supermoto against it’s Ducati rival; the 939 Hypermotard SP.

Mere minutes into the test and Chris pops a wheelie on the Husqvarna, and promptly gets a stiff talking to from the local police. It may be well down on horses compared to the Italian bike, but it’s got plenty of punch and an instant response from that ride by wire throttle, whilst the Ducati feels almost too refined to be a proper supermoto.

Neither bike is good for cruising or packing in the miles, but then again they were never meant to be!

Both of these supermotos look good and sound even better, and they can provide hours of fun, flattering your abilities and making you feel like a stunt rider extraordinaire. If it’s silliness on two-wheels you’re after, then they are all you will ever need.

After a thorough test Chris and riding partner Whitey both decided that they’d opt for the Husqvarna. The Ducati is technically better on paper, but as far as a supermoto is concerned, the Husky is the real deal.

supermoto tyre reviewsThe Husqvarna comes out of the factory on our ContiAttack SM rubber specifically designed for use on supermoto style machines.

After the test Chris said:

“The long-travel WP suspension needs loading up hard to tell you what the Continental Attack SM tyres are up to – otherwise it’s free to float about in the middle of the copious travel, filtering out proper feedback. But those Contis can be trusted – they’re the kind of soft, snotty hoops a lightweight bike really needs. You can see a visible change in wear on a hard ride, but you can put serious faith in them.”

You can pick up the latest copy of Performance Bikes now to read their full article.

Find out more about the ContiAttack SM here.