ContiRoadAttack 2With the large number of tyres on the market produced in China, you would think that they would have little need to import them from abroad.

However, it would appear that Chinese Police Riders have been won over by German engineering and quality, and they will now be keeping law and order on the ContiRoadAttack 2, produced in Europe.

Our high quality sport touring tyre is known for its exceptional handling on country roads, of which there are plenty in China, and it is produced in our Korbach factory near Hannover, Germany.

Our unique Traction Skin will keep the Chinese Police secure on the road from the moment the tyre is fitted, as the micro rough surface reduces the need for scrubbing in and gives instant grip.

Black Chili Compound offers fast warm up times, short braking distances and excellent grip on both wet and dry roads, and Dynamic Ride Technology gives the tyre a unique contour which improves handling. We also have a GT version for heavier bikes, and we know how much the Police like their big bikes.

Surely its time you tried the ContiRoadAttack 2, now the choice of the largest police force in the world.

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