Honda CB500 X Adventure Review

The adventure bike market is booming, but for many riders the thought of taking a heavyweight BMW, Triumph or KTM off-road is more than a little intimidating.

Step forward Honda’s plucky little CB500 X, which with a few clever modifications from our friends at Rally Raid Products in Wellingborough might just be the perfect mid-sized adventure machine.

The company offer Level 1, 2 and 3 upgrade packs which turn this often overlooked yet capable machine into a real world beater which can take on some of the toughest terrain imaginable.

Last year John Mitchinson of Rally Raid even took one of his modified CB500 X Adventure machines to Australia, crossing the inhospitable Simpson Desert in an effort to prove that bigger isn’t always better.

In his interview with Adventure Dirt Bike TV’s David Darcy, John explains how the bike came into being:

After many hours of research and testing, Rally Raid have also chosen to fit either the Continental TKC 70 or more aggressive TKC 80 as their tyre of choice on the Honda, depending on the requirements of the rider.

You can find out more about the Continental adventure tyre range here.