A performance scooter tyre based on our test winning ContiRoadAttack 3 sport touring tyre, in sizes for smaller and larger capacity machines Proven tread pattern design gives great grip at all angles of lean in the wet, and ensures more even wear during the life of the tyre. Updated compound for extremely fast warm up times, […]

ContiTrailAttack 3

The ContiTrailAttack 3 is a tyre designed specifically for the very latest adventure motorcycles. Revised tread pattern, in combination with our latest RainGrip compound, offer exceptional grip in wet conditions. Extremely fast warm up times, with your tyre up to temperature within the first mile, even in cold weather. MultiGrip Technology improves mileage through a wear resistant […]


New for 2017 – modern custom tyre for cruisers and heavy tourers. MileagePlus compound technology for extended tyre life and a more consistent performance. High-performance tread pattern shifts more water from around the contact patch for better wet grip. Solid central band on the rear tyre improves stability under acceleration and increases mileage. Specially designed carcass for […]


New for 2017 – classic custom whitewall tyre for cruisers and heavy touring bikes MileagePlus compound technology delivers excellent durability and extended tyre life. Multi-groove tread pattern for optimal water drainage to improve grip on wet roads. Specially engineered carcass construction for supreme comfort and easy handling. Classic styling and whitewall design to suit the looks […]

ContiSportAttack 3

Our Latest Hypersport Tyre  Giving Riders The Ultimate In German Engineered Performance! 100% Made in Germany Allows you to ride right on the edge, with our unique Grip Limit Feedback technology Boasts huge improvements in wet weather performance thanks to redesigned tread pattern and Rain Grip compound MultiGrip technology improves mileage over the previous ContiSportAttack 2 […]

TKC 70

The Continental TKC 70 is our latest generation On & Off-Road tyre and it sits right in the middle of the more off-road oriented TKC 80 Twinduro and the more road oriented ContiTrailAttack 2. Launched in 2014 in association with Nick Sanders and in response to demands from our customers around the world it features: […]

TKC 80 Twinduro

The Conti TKC80 Twinduro provides the de riguer finish to the adventure style motorcycle. The Conti TKC80 Twinduro delivers unrivaled on and off road performance, irregardless of season or weather, and on all terrains! 60% off-road to 40% on road use. The choice of leading overland adventurers including Nick Sanders, GlobeBusters, 2moro Rider and 2 Ride The […]

ContiTrailAttack 2

The ContiTrailAttack 2 is a tyre designed especially for heavy and powerful trail style bikes.  The zero degree steel belt eliminates tyre growth for improved high speed stability. The ContiTrailAttack 2 compliments the urban style of modern adventure bikes without any compromise on performance or durability. Black Chili Compound for quick warm up, short braking […]