Carl Reese motorcycle distance record

Earlier this year, while we were busy celebrating victory in the annual Motorrad sport touring test, our colleagues in the USA were preparing for a world record attempt.

American rider Carl Reese is well known across the pond as someone who continually sets out to break Guinness World Records.

As he arrived at Continental’s Uvalde proving ground in Texas, Carl already held nine records, including being the fastest rider between LA and New York – a journey he completed in just 38 hours and 49 minutes.

This time around, he’d be looking to break the on-track record for greatest distance covered in 24 hours – which stood at 2,023.5 miles, set by Matthew McKelvey in 2014.

For the record attempt Carl used his modified BMW K1600 GT. His bike has been tuned for long distance efficiency. A larger fuel tank to reduce the number of fuel stops. Carbon fibre rims reduced wheel weight by 40%, and a new lithium battery was also added to the package. Everything was aimed at improving MPG and acceleration around the 8.5 closed circuit.

As the Uvalde track lacks any kind of night time lighting, Carl’s BMW was also fitted with two pairs of extra-bright LED lights.

Maintaining such a high, consistent speed for a long amount of time would also test the durability of Carl’s tyres. As such, he opted to fit our ContiRoadAttack 2 EVO GT sport touring tyres, which are adapted for use on heavy touring motorcycles and provide exceptional durability combined with high grip levels in a wide range of conditions.

After less than 23 hours, Carl had already covered 2,119 miles, at which point he decided to call it a day having already comfortably surpassed the current record.

He hit a top speed of 141mph, and including all stops during his 22 hours and 52 minutes he averaged a speed of 92mph.

As the record takes place over a set period of 24 hours, his official average speed is shown as 88.3mph in the record books.

Belated congratulations to Carl, we can’t wait to see what record he decides to go after next!

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