Best track day tyres

As one of the top coaches at California Superbike School UK, Paul Debnam really knows what he’s talking about when it comes to riding on track, as well as off it.

In the UK, the school use the ContiSportAttack 2 hypersport tyre on all their Ducati track bikes, used by all the coaches, and available for hire for the day at one of their sessions.

Two years ago, Paul decided to switch his own track day steed on to the treaded ContiRaceAttack Comp, and here he gives us his opinion:

“As a long-time user and supporter of Dunlop’s fine products over the past 20 years of track days and racing, I’d like to give my experience of switching to Conti Race attacks for the last 2 years.

My partner and I are regular Fast group track dayers, with the occasional outing at club racing. I own a Yamaha Thundercat called Bev, my partner Lisa rides a Triumph 675 called Larry.

On Dunlops, we were perfectly happy with the grip available, but found them very sensitive to tyre pressure, needing constant attention.

The Contis need setting once, then can usually be left all day. They will show stress if over or under inflated, but respond straight away to adjustment. Scrubbing in takes one lap, and I can feel the grip through the bar, and grip levels are very good. I’m still amazed how hard I can brake into turns, with the front tyre just gripping, no dramas!

Both Lisa and myself are going faster than we’ve ever gone, yet we still get good mileage out of them, and they never give us any problems, even in the damp. Fronts last anything up to 8 days, (and would probably do more, but we change them due to heat-cycling), and rears do at least 3 days, sometimes 4, depending where we’ve been. I raced at Snetterton last year on a Soft front/Medium rear combo, and got a 3rd in Pre-Injection, beating a lot of R6’s!     :-D

Plus, the rear lasted another 2 days at Almeria!

The switch to a rear 60 profile has only helped the handling, and still clears the swing arm easily.

Supply is good – we can have them in house the next day usually.”

Whether you’re aiming for the top step of the podium, or just looking to cut your teeth out on track, you can rely on the ContiRaceAttack Comp.

Check out the range of sizes and compounds here.

Also available in a road oriented endurance compound.