Niall Mackenzie Yamaha LC250 Silverstone Pro-AM 2015

It’s August, which means that every two-wheel race fan in the UK is getting excited for one reason – Silverstone, but this year it won’t be the likes of Marquez and Rossi stealing the show, instead it will be a group of middle-aged lunatics riding 30 year old Yamaha LC250s producing just 35bhp!

In conjunction with Yamaha, Continental are supporting the return of the Pro-Am series – which in it’s heyday produced some ultra-close racing and some great riders to boot!

Three decades later, and many of those famous names will be in action once again – 24 riders in total, including Niall Mackenzie, Jeremy McWilliams, Terry Rymer, Donnie McLeod and Geoff Fowler.

The plan to bring back this legendary series was formulated back in April, and since then our friends at IDP Moto in Silverstone have been working hard to source a total of 35 bikes from around the world, preparing them for race day.

Yamaha Pro-Am series

Even a one-off batch of out-of-production brake pads have been commissioned so that the bikes have been prepared as close to 1980s standards as possible, but one thing that has been updated is the rubber! Continental are supplying all the bikes with our ContiClassicAttack, a radial tyre designed specifically for classic bikes.

The Pro-Am series originally pitched up and coming riders against established names, and even Damon Hill of Formula 1 fame came through the ranks at one stage. There are talks of running the event at the Sachsenring and Donington in 2016 too, if things go well!

As title sponsor the the GP’s main support event, Bennetts Insurance have already taken one of the bikes for a spin commenting:

“It’s slow, but hilarious. It handles, the shock is stiff and the front forks are soggy at best. The brakes are pretty much non-existent if you’re used to modern bikes. But none of it matters. You can get it heeled over (even in damp conditions when I rode it). The modern tyres work and the power never troubles them.

It’s an experience I’ll never forget, and I can’t wait to be sat on a bank at Silverstone on August 30 when a pack of them with riders older than the bikes fly past in a blue haze.”

You can see it all at Silverstone on 30th August – it promises to be a fantastic event!

Find out more about the ContiClassicAttack here.