2015 BMW R1200R

The 2015 BMW R1200R is described as their latest naked roadster, and is built on their legendary Boxer Twin engine, which was first used 91 years ago on the BMW R32.

The new R1200R is a versatile performer and has 125bhp at its disposal, and an increase in torque over the entire rev range when compared with its predecessor.

For the new machine, BMW have chosen to fit the ContiRoadAttack 2 sport touring tyre from Continental.

Made in Germany, the ContiRoadAttack 2 features a number of unique, core Continental technologies including:

  • Dynamic Ride Technology – Unique contour for improved handling and control
  • Traction Skin – Minimises the need for scrubbing in, with instant grip from new
  • Black Chili Compound – Fast warm up times and great grip, even in cold and wet conditions
  • MultiGrip – Creates a dual compound style tyre from one single compound, eliminating the feeling of “step”

Find out more about the ContiRoadAttack 2, as chosen by BMW.