Azcari off-road

Working closely with new customer Azcari Adventure Centre an opportunity to promote Continental Tyres for road and off road conditions was taken by being present at the first of a series of ‘off road days’. Targeted at owners of large capacity Adventure bikes, the days are an opportunity for riders to experience the capabilities of their machines in a challenging but safe off road environment.

The weather on Sunday was awful and gradually deteriorated further as the day progressed. For those who brave enough to take on the driving rain followed by snow the available trails offered copious amounts of both mud and water. A small encampment of tents and easy ups afforded some shelter to participants in between their sessions. The most welcome attraction on the day proved to be the Azcari BBQ. Once the traditional burger and sausages had been duly cooked it quickly converted to the only source of heat, transforming their tent into a steamy sauna.

Overall attendance was lower than expected due to the adverse weather but for those who were committed enough to be there Continental was on hand to discuss tyre requirements.

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