Ok, so double world record holder Rhys Lawrey didn’t quite make it around the globe in 4 minutes & 27 seconds, but thanks to his latest video, you can!

After arriving back in the UK in July, becoming the ‘Youngest Person to Circumnavigate the Globe by Motorcycle’ and setting a new record for ‘Most Consecutive Capital Cities Visited by Motorcycle’, Rhys has had some time to work his way through his vast library of Go Pro footage.

Riding his Triumph Tiger 800 XC, Rhys found a novel use for the somewhat misunderstood selfie stick, to film a unique perspective on his journey (where legal and safe to do so, of course!)

So jump on board with Rhys, ride where he rides, see what he sees, party where he parties, and enjoy a 15 month motorcycle journey condensed into less than 5 minutes of superb footage:

During his journey, Rhys used the ContiTrailAttack 2 for much of his trip, switching to the TKC 80 when the going got tough!

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