Ari Henning CB350 race bike

The American Historic Racing Motorcycle Association, or AHRMA for short, is the largest vintage motorcycle race club in the USA.

When they announced a 2-day event at California’s Sonoma Raceway, bike journalist and classic race enthusiast couldn’t resist entering on his 1968 Honda CB350.

Ari entered himself into the Sportsman 350 class, but soon found himself lining up on the Sportsman 500 grid as well.

The son of a racer, Henning spent a huge amount of his childhood at the track and quickly developed a passion for bikes. Now working at a journalist for Motorcyclist Magazine in America, Ari has the chance to attend track around the world, but this local haunt still remains as one of his favourites.

“Sonoma is one of my favorite tracks on the planet” said Henning. “Sonoma is extremely technical, with lots of elevation change and trail braking, it’s a tough track, which is part of the reason I like it, but you really need your bike to work well.”

18 inch radial motorcycle tyres

Ari’s bike is fitted with the ContiRoadAttack 2 CR, a classic race radial which has been his tyre of choice for several years on the Honda, significantly boosting the performance of older race machines.

“My racebike was actually my father’s before me” says Henning,  “and he always raced on bias-ply tyres. When I started racing the bike I realised that my riding style taxes the front tyre a lot more, and I was suffering from really bad front-end chatter. I switched to Continental and the chatter went away, and of course my lap times went down! The radial carcass is softer so it really helps the suspension and chassis on these old bikes. The grip is fantastic. I was the first person to try these tyres in the US, and now you can look around and see them on lots of bikes in the paddock”.

With a hat-trick of race wins over the two day event, they’re certainly working for him!

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