Rally Raid BMW G310GS APC Rally 2018

It’s almost time for the annual APC Rally in Australia, and keen to test out their new off-road kits for the BMW G310GS the team at Rally Raid in Northampton have shipped some half-way around the world to take on the challenge.

Every year APC Rally hold various events around the world, with courses designed to test your off-road skills and endurance.

With rides starting and ending close to several major Australian cities, the routes link up amazing trails and scenery with some famous tourist destinations Down Under.

Adam Mitchinson, son of Rally Raid owner John, will be riding alongside Amy Harburg on the second mini-BMW as they cover around 3,000km on mainly off-road terrain.

bmw g310gs tyres

Rally Raid’s modification kits include upgraded suspension courtesy of Tractive, a frame-mounted tubular engine guard, and spoked wheel kits complete with in-house machined billet hubs. Both bikes have also been fitted with Continental TKC 80 adventure tyres ahead of the Rally.

Our highly acclaimed TKC 80 tyres are perfect for tackling tough off-road terrain, and remain a firm favourite with the likes of Nick Sanders, GlobeBusters and 2ridetheworld but to name a few.

The team’s progress will be filmed by David Darcy of MAD TV, who some of you may remember for his part in the London to Sydney adventure a few years ago – and we can’t wait to see the footage!

Best of luck to Adam and Amy on their adventure.

You can follow their progress via the Rally Raid Products Facebook page.

Find out more about the TKC 80 here.