Angelman Rally 2019

Angelman Syndrome is a relatively rare genetic condition that has profound effects on a suffer’s mental and physical capabilities throughout their lifetime by affecting the nervous system.

Born in early 2017, Xavier Lomas and partner Corinne’s son Henri was diagnosed with the condition at just 7 months old, leaving his parents in shock as they both considered how best to plan for his future.

After receiving support from the charity AngelmanUK, Xavier and two of his closest friends decided they wanted to help raise awareness of the condition, along with much needed funds for the organisation to help them continue their vital work.

All keen bikers, the trio decided upon a charity ride all the way from London to Mount Etna on the Italian island of Sicily, and they soon secured the backing of their local Triumph dealership Jack Lilley, and several other sponsors soon followed.

Angelman rally 2

Ahead of the event, our Brand Manager Graham Matcham was lucky enough to have a chance meeting with Xavier, who whom we donated a set of new ContiRoadAttack 3 sport touring tyres for the trip of well over 3,000 miles.

Riders left Surrey on the 16th May heading for Dover, before catching the ferry to Calais. They arrived home two weeks later at Burview Hall in Surrey on the 2nd June to a fundraiser organised by Corrine and a close friend.

A major part of the trip was the idea to produce a short film, which will help to increase awareness of Angelman Syndrome to a wider audience. The short film will be released in December, and will deal with themes including mental health and a fathers perspective on family life as they face living with the condition.

At present, the three riders have helped to raise £3,239, with more donations sure to follow – and they have other trips planned off the back of this one too!

You can find out more about their fundraiser here.

Recently, Xavier was kind enough to get in touch to give us some feedback on the performance of the ContiRoadAttack 3 tyres on his Thruxton 1200, stating:

“Those tyres you sent us were amazing! I was on Pirelli Diablo Rosso Corsa before and, honestly, I wont be going back to them. The ContiRoad Attack tyres were so much more comfortable. They stuck like glue in wet and dry and gave bags of confidence! We had 4 days of sheeting rain; never slipped, two dry days giving a spirited performance on camera up a volcano and through alpine switchbacks; tyres gave me every confidence. Absolutely love them!”

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