Andrew Huerta Harley-Davidson Lowrider

Following the launch of our revamped cruiser range in early 2017, Continental has become an increasingly popular choice among V-Twin riders, especially in The States!

Among those riders switching to Continental is Andy Huerta, an exceptional bike builder based in the golden state of California, who recently fitted the new ContiTour to one of his best builds to date.

From the moment he threw his leg over a Honda XR70, Huerta was obsessed with all things of the 2-wheeled variety.

Sadly adult life has a way of catching up with you, and it didn’t seem long before Andrew was working two jobs just to pay the bills, making riding his bike a rare treat at best.

After several brushes with the law, Andrew turned his life around once he started to throw all his energies into bike building with the help of his uncle Danny.

Since then he has added several bikes to his stable including:

  • 1990 H-D FXR-S Convertible
  • 1992 H-D FXR-S Convertible
  • 2003 H-D FXD
  • 2014 H-D Dyna Street Bob
  • 1200s H-D Sportster Flat Tracker
  • 2005 H-D Police Road King

ContiTour Harley-Davidson tyres

Very recently Andrew managed to lay his hands on a 2018 Harley-Davidson Lowrider, to which he has added an array of trick parts alongside a stunning paint job and brand new pair of ContiTour tyres.

When our US colleague Jeff bumped into Andrew at one of several shows he has won to date this year with the Softail, Huerta said:

“I have tried just about every tire out there for Baggers, Dynas, and FXRs and when I switched to the Continental tyres it was a major upgrade to both comfort and handling. I really like them a lot.”

You can check out some of his latest builds on Instagram at @One_Wheel_Drew.

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