Phase One Endurance

Last weekend saw the competitors in the European Classic Bike Series in action for the final time this year, as they descended upon the Motorland Aragon circuit high in the mountains of Spain.

2013 series champions Phase One were looking for an outright win to retain their title, tied on points at the top of the table with the Team Force duo of Richard Hubin and Gregory Fastre. The Phase One P&M Kawasaki, shod with ContiRoadAttack 2 CR classic race tyres had a brief warm up in Misano just a couple of weeks earlier, where only a bizarre twist of fate had kept them from taking the number one spot.

The final race of the year was held in near perfect conditions, and Team Force showed their intentions right from the off in qualifying with a 2.07.955, although four other riders also dropped below the 2.09.00 barrier in chase of the Belgians.

All competitors got away from the line in an old style, running start except the #88 bike of Christian Haquin, who remained sat on the line. Up front saw a three way battle between Team Force, Phase One and Alf’s Classic Endurance, the lead pack all running on Continental.

After a number of falls the safety-car eventually came out, as marshals worked to clean up a long oil spill on a section of the circuit, giving the pack a chance to regroup, everything still to play for. On lap 77 a mechanical fault saw Phase One having to retire, ending their hopes of securing a second successive championship, but Team Force and Alfs Classic Endurance carried on their battle at the front of the field. eventually finishing less than a minute apart after 4 hours of racing, Team Force in first and Banfield, Collins and Godfrey of Alfs in second. Another Continental team in the shape of the Dutch based Roadrunner Team managed to hold off the challenges of others further down the field in order to claim 3rd, making it an all-Continental podium.

With changes to the series rules for 2014, the final standings only take into account the best three results for each team, leaving the overall standings as follows:

    1. Team Force – Belgium – Suzuki – Hubin/Fastre
    2. Sweatshop Phase One – UK – P&M Kawasaki – Linden/Brasher/Simpson
    3. Alf Classic Endurance – UK – Kawasaki – Banfield/Collins/Godfrey
    4. Roadrunner Team – Netherlands – Suzuki – van der Mark/Brand

The top four teams this season in the Maxi Classic class, which consisted of 31 teams in total, all ran on Continental, with Team Force taking three wins, and Phase One lighting up the competition with a superb win at the Nurburgring.

It has been a fantastic year for this relatively new series, and we hope next year sees it continue to go from strength to strength.

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