Alicia Sornosa is a Spanish journalist and traveler. In 2011 she set out on a journey across five continents on her BMW F650GS covering 76,000 miles and consuming more than 10,000 litres of fuel on the way.

For her trip, Alicia chose to fit the Continental TKC 80 on/off-road tyre which is well proven on journeys of this magnitude. It has been used by many seasoned adventure riders on their travels to deal with the mix of road and track that you come across on these kinds of journeys. Amazingly she has covered 76,000 kilometres in 240 days, becoming the 1st Spanish woman to circumnavigate the globe on a motorcycle.

Alicia Sornosa

You can find out more about the route she took on this epic adventure via her website (Google translate required).

She was accompanied on the first part of the journey by another Spanish rider and travel writer, but carried on alone once they reached India together. Apart from the loneliness of traveling alone, Alicia said the hardest part of the journey was the Moyale Highway which runs for around 350 miles from Ethiopia into Keyna, which was badly damaged thanks to years of heavy rain, over laden lorries and poor maintenance.

She also warns of the dangers of the chaotic traffic in large African cities especially, where the largest vehicles win the right to use the road as the smaller cars and bikes suddenly scatter in order to get out of their way.

You can also find out more about her travels from her blog on

Another rider showing just how tough and durable our TKC 80 tyres are on all types of terrain. Thanks to Alicia for sharing the story of her journey!