AJP PR7 TKC 80 tyres

Portuguese motorcycle manufacturer started life in 1987, five years after founder António Pinto opened his motorcycle repair shop, which specialised in modifying off-road and enduro machines.

It’s fair to say that their range has expanded significantly since the launch of their first 125cc two-stroke, affectionately named Ariana, after Pinto’s daughter.

At the recent MCN London Show, we were pleased to learn from their new UK importer that a number of new models are now set to be equipped with Continental tyres at the factory.

That includes their impressive looking PR7 Adventure – a light, compact and agile off-road capable machine.

Built around a modern, reliable 600cc single, the bike weighs just 140kg without fuel, and has been designed to conquer even the most toughest of terrain types.

For that reason, AJP have opted to fit the proven Continental TKC 80 Twinduro, which has been used by some of the world’s most battle hardened adventure riders for more than three decades.


AJP also have the new PR3 Supermoto Pro range coming to the UK, with several options again using Continental products.

The model pictured above is seen fitted with the popular ContiTwist SM, a hypersport tyre designed for smaller capacity motorcycles.

Using our Advanced Silica Compound, they offer extremely fast warm up times, and excellent all-weather grip.

An ‘SM Sport’ version of the tyre is also available for those riders who want to push harder on road and track.

Find out more about the ContiTwist SM and TKC 80 Twinduro.