African Motorcycle Diaries Travel Channel

Back in 2009 Spencer Conway decided to take on one of the ultimate motorcycle adventure challenges,  to become the firs person to ride unsupported around the circumference of the African continent, on his Yamaha XT660 Tenere.

An ambitious project on a limited budget, this would not only be a huge personal challenge but a superb opportunity to raise funds for his chosen charity Save The Children.

After leaving the UK, travelling down through France and taking a ferry to Tunisia, Spencer completed the 55,000 kilometre trip riding through a total of 34 countries in just 283 days, and to document his journey he filmed much of what he saw on his diary camera.

This footage has now been condensed into six 30 minute episodes, which are due to be aired on the Travel Channel in early November.

With minimal funds, Spencer sleeps rough in his tent, or in cockroach infested accommodation, eats street food and negotiates local bureaucracy without assistance. He endures the almost impassible mud roads of the Congo, sand storms in the Sahara, and huge potholes in Guinea. He also has all his possessions stolen in Angola, and survives a near fatal shooting in Kenya, and escapes from his state appointed guide in Libya by climbing out of a toilet window, saving himself $600. But it wasn’t all bad – he also takes in the majestic beauty of Africa, the contrasting landscapes and the resilient and welcoming people found across this vast continent.

TKC 80 tyresSpencer completed a large portion of his journey on Continental TKC 80 tyres, although riding unsupported, Spencer had to make do with whatever equipment he could find, using a mixture of budget and premium tyres as and when required. However, of all the tyres he used, Spencer says that the Continental comes out on top:

“They were the most stable and durable tyres” says Spencer. “They were holding tight on the loose roads, but also handling the tarmac smoothly. I would warmly recommend these tyres to any adventure motorcyclist. Travel on a sure footing – the Continentals are the best choice you can make.”

This is a gritty, raw and very real travel series, which perfectly captures the emotions of riding solo through one of the most amazing yet foreboding landmasses on the planet.

The first episode will premier on Travel Channel in the UK on 8th November 2015 at 7pm. In Europe, the Middle East and Africa in will premier on the 9th November at 9pm.

In the UK the Travel Channel can be found on Freeview 42, Freesat 150, Sky 249, and Virgin 292.

Find out more about the TKC 80 here.