Continental TKC 70 review

The adventure bike market is growing here in the UK and elsewhere, and almost 30 years after launching the market leading TKC 80 Twinduro, still a favourite of leading overland riders including Nick Sanders and GlobeBusters, we have been focusing on developing a “does it all” tyre to meet the needs of many of today’s riders.

With many adventure bike riders spending more of their time on the road, and with torque on the up, tyre design is key to finding a perfect balance between:

  • Life span
  • On the road handling
  • Off-road performance

The new Continental TKC 70 achieves that balance, giving the average rider the freedom to go wherever they please, without compromising on mileage.

Earlier in 2014, we held a worldwide launch for the new TKC 70 near Bala Lake is Snowdonia, with a whole host of journalists invited along for the ride including Dan DiMaio of who recently gave his thoughts on the launch and the tyre.

Day One consisted of around 190 miles of road riding, starting out on the tiny, twisting roads in and around Lake Vyrnwy, and Dan says:

“First thoughts on the tire are positive – they roll smooth, are extremely quiet and the wet grip is confidence-inspiring.

After a brief stop for photos, we headed off through the countryside. Within minutes of leaving, two sheep darted out in front of me! I instantly thought, “Cool, I get to test the breaking grip, and not on purpose.” The tires maintained their composure and safely reduced my speed to avoid hitting what we were having for dinner that night.

As we continued our journey through the picturesque villages and small roads barely big enough to fit a car, we rolled into the village of Harlech, home of the Harlech Castle built by King Edward I between 1282 and 1289, and still in remarkable condition. Then, more miles along the lush Irish Sea. We traveled a total of 190 miles that day, and the TKC70s performed extremely well in all situations.

Day Two had more of what I was awaiting—off-road testing. Not knowing the off-road prowess of each rider, the course was mainly loose gravel and heavily rained-on jeep roads. One of the unusual things I noticed was that I was taking long sweeping turns at speed on loose gravel, and didn’t even have to think about it.”

The V rated sizes are already available in the UK, with the rest to follow from Spring of 2015! Speak to your local dealer for further information.