Best motorcycle off-road tyre

Adventure Bike TV are well known for their thorough bike tests, but they’ve never pitted the latest dual-sport tyres against one another… until now!

In Series 5, Episode 5 presenter Graham Hoskins teamed up with former British Enduro champion Mark Molineux of Sweet Lamb Rally Centre in Mid Wales to pit five popular knobbly tyres against one another head-to-head.

Their bike of choice was the KTM 1090 Adventure R, and the soaking wet test route included a 10-mile off-road circuit and a challenging road ride on the twisty A44 which cuts through the Cambrian Mountains.

best KTM 1090 adventure R tyre

Despite being the oldest tyre on test, having been launched three decades ago, it was clear from the final scores that the TKC 80 still rules the roost!

Graham admitted that he was unable to get the rear to spin despite his best efforts on the road, while Mark commented that they were “the tyre everyone wants to beat” and also “brilliant under braking”.

The final points standings were as follows:

  1. Continental TKC 80 Twinduro – 142/180
  2. Mitas E09 Dakar – 125/180
  3. Anlas Capra X – 118/180
  4. Metzeler Karoo 3 – 84/180
  5. Pirelli Scorpion Rally STR – 52/180

Both Mark and Graham were asked to score in secret, and were not permitted to discuss their experiences on each tyre until after the test.

For Graham, the Continental was clearly his favourite, coming out as the clear winner in in seven of the nine areas, and joint winner of the remaining two. He also stated that he was able to rider faster, as they gave him more confidence versus the competition.

You can watch the full episode on the Adventure Bike TV Facebook page.

The TKC 80 remains the favoured tyre choice of leading adventure riders including Nick Sanders, GlobeBusters and 2ridetheworld.

You can view the full range of sizes here.