Continental TKC 70 Review

Launched in the UK at the end of July, the new TKC 70 is the perfect tyre for big adventure bike riders who do most of their mileage on the road, but still want excellent off-road ability when they decide to take their bike off-road. This new 60% on to 40% off-road sits right in the middle of the TKC 80 and ContiTrailAttack 2.

We helped to host the launch at Lake Vyrnwy, near Bala in North Wales and as well as a number of top UK journalists coming along for the ride, we also invited new venture, Adventure Bike TV to come along and film their own unique video review.

Journalists were very impressed, with Chris Moss giving the tyre a 10/10, ideal for BMW GS riders. He also went on to say that in terms of performance he felt the tyre actually went beyond the goals that Continental in Germany had set for it. On the tarmac it also reportedly felt just like sport touring rubber, not at all limiting your road riding, but with surprising off-road performance on the various routes they encountered over the two day launch.

The first radial produced sizes are due to be ready this October, with further bias ply sizes due to arrive next spring.

Check out the whole Adventure Bike TV video.