GlobeBusters Triumph Tiger

The first stage of GlobeBusters’ expedition, from London’s iconic and world-famous Ace Cafe to the opening of China’s first ever Ace Cafe, has been completed.

Leading a group of fifteen motorcyclists, from countries as diverse as Russia, Switzerland, South Africa and Australia, GlobeBusters have ridden across Europe and into Turkey, where they will join the legendary Silk Road in Istanbul. This ancient trade route, which dates back to the 2nd century BC, runs through the Central Asian ‘stans’ – Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan – entering China’s Xinjiang Province in the North West of the country. The Chinese stage of the trip will take a month to complete, travelling through Tibet and riding up to Everest Base Camp, then to Yunnan province, on the border with Vietnam, and Chengdu in the South West, China’s 5th most populous city, before finally reaching the capital, Beijing, in mid-July, after 80 days in the saddle.

Beijing is home to one of a growing number of officially-licensed Ace premises, planned to include opening in regions as varied as Japan, North America and across Europe.

In keeping with the British spirit, Expedition Leader Kevin Sanders is riding a 1200cc Triumph Explorer GlobeBuster Special Edition adventure bike on this epic journey, shod with the latest Continental TKC 70 rubber.

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