Ace to Ace GlobeBusters Iran by motorcyclePioneering British motorcycle expedition experts GlobeBusters have successfully led a group of riders across Iran, for the first time in four years.

The middle eastern state of Iran was expected to be the most politically challenging of all countries on their current expedition, travelling between the Ace Cafe in London all the way to Beijing, in time for the opening of their officially licensed Ace Cafe.

The British Foreign and Commonwealth Office advises tourists to avoid “all but essential travel” to Iran, but working with local contacts, the expert team at GlobeBusters established that groups accompanied by Iranian guides, keeping clear of borders with Iraq, Pakistan and Afghanistan would be fine. The securing of visas was a little more difficult, as there is no Iranian Embassy in the UK. However, they were able to obtain them from the Iranian Consulate in Istanbul.

The group of fifteen motorcyclists, from the UK, Russia, Switzerland, South Africa and Australia, crossed the border into Iran without incident and spent eight days in the country, including a stop in the capital, Tehran.

“Other than being in dire need of a real beer, it was a hugely positive experience” reports expedition leader Kevin Sanders, who is riding a 1200cc Triumph Explorer GlobeBuster Special Edition adventure bike fitted with Continental TKC 70 dual sport tyres. “There were no restrictions on where we could ride, no police checkpoints, nothing but welcoming smiles and everyone wanting to practise English. City roads are crazy, but great riding over the mountains into Tehran. And fuel is only 20p a litre!”

The group have now left Iran via it’s border to the North with Turkmenistan, as they continue along the famed silk road through Uzbekistan, Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan. They will then enter China via the North Western Xinjiang province. Only then will they be able to focus on their final goal of reaching Beijing, where they will arrive in July after more than two months of hard riding.

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