The BMW R1200 GSA is quite a machine – capable of covering huge distances off-road with ease thanks to a plethora of electronics and rider aids, which make it surprisingly capable for such a heavy machine.

For some time it’s been at the top of it’s class, with sales of the Bavarian firms big adventure bike riding high in the UK and elsewhere.

However, when you’re record breaking husband & wife duo Simon & Lisa Thomas of Continental partner 2ridetheworld, you need something more than just the standard bike!

Ever since they set out on the road over 12 years ago, they have covered more than 420,000 miles riding around the world together. This year they finally decided it was time to trade in their well traveled BMW bikes for a new F800 GS for Lisa, and R1200 GSA for Simon, and with a little help from the team at Touratech, they’ve built what is quote possibly the ultimate adventure bike.

Kitted out with every kind of extra imaginable, plus a pair  of their trusted Continental TKC 80 tyres on each bike, you can see just what went into building their ultimate adventure machines in their latest video below:


Find out more about the Continental TKC 80 here.