2ridetheworld Lisa Thomas

Continental are well used to partnering with leading adventure motorcyclists, many of whom have been using our highly acclaimed on/off-road tyres for years.

With 12-years of continuous riding under their belts, covering more than 400,000 miles on all manner of terrain, 2ridetheworld’s Simon & Lisa Thomas are certainly two of the best known riders out there right now, with thousands of fans across the globe following all the sights and sounds from their trip with interest.

Recently the pair were in Florida for the AIM Expo, where they were being presented with two brand new BMW motorcycles loaded with Touratech goodies, an F800GS for Lisa and R1200GS for Simon. If they last as long as the first two bikes, then they’ve got at least another 12 years on the road before they return home!

Also in Florida were representatives from Continental’s motorcycle tyre division, who were there to secure and then announce a new official sponsorship deal for Simon and Lisa, who have purchasing our TKC 80 tyres all around the world ever since they left their home in Wales in 2003.

On their official website when breaking the news, Simon said: “To have Continental aboard is a massive boost for our project and being recognised as being able to add value to their brand is a huge endorsement. We’re looking forward to fitting out our new BMW GS bikes with fresh Conti rubber.”

Adventure must be something in the blood for Simon’s wife Lisa and family. Her sister is Dr Caroline Taylor, the partner and travel companion of Nick Sanders, another Continental rider, well known for his exploits on two wheels. In the past the two teams have shared information on travel in certain parts of the world, to give them a good idea of what to expect upon arrival.

Speaking about her experience with the tyres, Lisa commented:

“After 400,000 miles, 6 continents and having ridden through 27 of the worlds desert we can categorically state that the Continental Tyres are hands down the best pieces of rubber that you can fit to your bikes.”

You can find out more about Simon & Lisa at 2ridetheworld.com and follow all their latest trip news on Facebook.

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