2moro Rider Rhys LawreyRhys Lawrey of 2moro Rider left London just 4 weeks ago on his Triumph Tiger 800 XC shod with ContiTrailAttack 2 adventure touring tyres in his attempt to break two Guinness World Records in one single around the world ride covering 73 different countries and over 50,000 miles.

In just 4 weeks he has managed to reach the Central Asian country of Uzbekistan travelling 5200 miles so far along with some of the team for Continental partner GlobeBusters who are themselves following the Silk Road route all the way to Beijing. Rhys still has another 58 countries and around 45,000 miles to go, but he has been letting us know how things have been so far in the Central Asia region.

“The last week has been crazy – I’m not sure whether its been a dream or a nightmare!” says Rhys. “As soon as you step onto the ferry that crosses the Caspian Sea from Azerbaijan to Turkmenistan you realise that you’re starting a whole new chapter in adventure travel”. 

It was in Turkmenistan that Rhys had his hardest days riding. “It was 40°C and the tarmac on the road was soft enough for heavy lorries to create huge ruts with their tyres, which you really need to avoid on two wheels. You also have to navigate around huge potholes and then there are road works blocking the way, so you must ride around them on a rough gravel diversion. It felt like riding 120-miles off road and it really tested the suspension on the Triumph and the Continental tyres”.

Having crossed from Turkmenistan into Uzbekistan, Rhys will be riding across the country and into Kazakhstan where he will get a chance to give the Triumph its very first service before pushing on into China. Rhys is also raising money for The Princes Trust, and you can view his progress both on the road and in terms of donations via his website www.2mororider.com