Triumph Tiger 800 XC tyres

Since leaving the Ace Cafe in London at the end of April this year, Rhys Lawrey (AKA 2moro Rider) has been riding across the globe on his ContiTrailAttack 2 shod Triumph Tiger 800 XC as he aims to break two world records and inspire the next generation of overland riders.

After leaving London, Rhys crossed Europe and followed parts of the beautiful coastline which borders the edge of the Balkans. Entering Asia with fellow Continental partners GlobeBusters, they followed the Silk Route together across countries such as Uzbekistan and eventually reached Bangkok in Thailand. From this point on Rhys has continued his journey solo, and is currently enjoying the sights and sounds of Australia.

Whilst riding across Australia, Rhys passed the 15,000 mile barrier and celebrated by sharing this fantastic photo in the shadows of Ayers Rock, one of the worlds natural wonders.

Rhys has previously spent a year working in Brisbane, but after riding across Asia landing in Australia was still something of a culture shock:

“My first night in Perth city, I walked down the main street (during ‘rush hour’) and then everyone stopped at the walking red light. It was a big cross junction and I stood there looking at everyone, stopped at red lights, doing as they’re told, no tuk-tuks or scooters or noise. I ended up just laughing out loud to myself with people wondering why around me. I have noticed how we westerners live in such a safe ‘bubble’ where everything is controlled and organised. Human life doesn’t seem to be at risk, whereas over the last 3 1/2 months in Central and South East Asia you see lives at huge risk everyday”.

“It’s nice and chilled, with good food, and you can always find a camp site near by. The roads in Australia are somewhat different to what I’ve had to handle and ride through in Asia – they’re very easy. All Tarmac, signs all the time, plenty of fuel stations (selling good petrol!) but with all this, to me the adventure side isn’t always there. I rode across the Nullarbor plain on the Eyre Highway – 1,061 miles of straight road and the same scenery, so it brings a very dull experience”.

Luckily for Rhys he has arrived in Australia in the middle of their winter, so he is not facing the extreme heat that he might have seen if he had arrived around the new year; “It’s clear blue skies in the day, but over night and in the morning it’s freezing cold! It only starts to heat up around 1pm then the sun sets around 6pm. And I still haven’t seen a Kangaroo – alive at least. I’ve only seen road kill. I keep a good eye out for the ‘roos but no luck as yet. Mind you, I came close to hitting an eagle and they are big!”

From Ayers Rock, Rhys continues to head East for Sydney and the coast, before he flies on to New Zealand for a school reunion at Green Bay High, where he grew up.  Rhys is raising money for The Prince’s Trust, asking for a donation of just £1 for every continent he crosses (up to a maximum of six). You can follow his progress, view his video diaries and make a donation at or find him on Facebook and Twitter!

You can also get further information on the ContiTrailAttack 2, ideal for the Triumph Tiger 800XC and other big adventure bikes.