2ride the world

2 Ride The World are the husband and wife team of Simon & Lisa Thomas, and for the last 11 years they have been traveling around the world on their motorcycles, on a single unbroken journey which can lay claim to be the World Record for the “longest continuous journey by a team”.

The previous record stood at a meager 162,000km, and so far Simon & Lisa have clocked up more than 548,000km on their journey, the equivalent to circumnavigating the globe 15 times. The official Guinness World Record is still unclaimed, as unbelievably the couple are still riding!

Since setting off from their home in the small Welsh village of Ysbyty Ystwyth, the couple have explored 78 different countries across 6 different continents and their journey has also led them to explore 27 of the worlds most inhospitable deserts, and they show no signs of stopping yet.

So far they have set a total of five World Records on their travels, all to be claimed when they finally decide to stop riding.

For this mammoth trip across some of the most difficult terrain the world has to offer, Simon and Lisa needed to pick a tyre that could do it all, and time after time they have chosen to fit the Continental TKC 80 Twinduro, using it on 99.6% of their trip so far.

Simon & Lisa Thomas

When we contacted Simon and Lisa to find out more about their amazing trip, Simon was happy to tell us about how good they thought the tyre was. Simon said:

“99.6% of all our km ridden have been with us using the Continental TKC80 tyre.

The Conti’s have been our preferred tyre of choice for the entire 11-years and have seen us through the mud logged tracks of the Amazon jungle, the blistering heat of the Sahara, the giddying heights of the Himalayas (height ridden 17,200 feet) and the freezing depths of Patagonia. These things are friggin’ awesome!

Both on our website and public seminars, we are always asked about our tyre choice in terms of performance, feedback and reliability. We are both happy to honestly explain that we believe the Conti’s are the only real choice. We are continually impressed with their consistency and reliability, even when fully laden on tight twisty asphalt.”

You can continue to follow Simon & Lisa on their journey via their Facebook page and on their official website. Their adventure is a fantastic achievement, but as much as we want to see them in the official record books, we always want them to keep on riding so we can see even more of their experiences as they keep on exploring the globe!